[Translators note: Words in italics are best-fit-translation, and the reader is advised that they may not mean exactly what they commonly mean. As a further advisory, trying to draw a flowchart of the concepts is quite hard, and this guide is meant more as a way-of-thought than a precise scientific document.]

In the beginning was the world.

No, in the beginning was the idea of the person, a living soul.

No, in the beginning was the idea of things happening.

No, in the beginning was the story.

No, in the beginning was the storyteller.

Really, there were all those things.

A person is a story that tells itself through it's own soul.

They become the storytellers of their story to make sense of the things happening, and to make things happen in turn. (That's a domly view of the world, of course. Many subs prefer to be souls in the stories of another person, as is their way.)

story only happens as it is told--it needs a storyteller to continue it.

world is made of the stories within it.

Each storyteller a story and soul and a world--at least a minor world.

A greater world is the stories and souls of many storytellers that are happening together.

Each story has an ending.

All persons within a story, including the storyteller have an ending. (Oh, don't be sad, most of the time it isn't anything bad--I'm so sorry about your world.) For us, the Sade, 'happily ever after' is common. Valkyr like to ride off into the sunset. For a Vena, '...and that was just the first of their great adventures!'. There are so many kinds. Lilim just go home and sleep.

Only when all the endings of the souls are found, can a story itself end.

Some also call a collective world of stories timeline.

So, for the ending of a timeline to happen, all the storytellers, and all the stories within it must find their ending.

Thereby when a greater-world-story reaches its end, nothing can be lost from it. All storytellers are safe in their ending.

The story remains forever, it is merely at its ending.

Our happy endings also remain forever.

And then we start our next story.

And then, together, we start our next world.

And find more happy endings.

Again and again, forever.